Credit Card Pin Satety Tips

Identify Credit Card Schemes and How to Protect Yourself

In recent times, there seems to be a whole slew of credit card frauds and schemes that have come to light. One way or another, hackers and fraudsters are still being able to dupe us into letting go of our hard-earned money and helping them, unconsciously, to expand their network. In times like these, the best rule to follow is that prevention is better than cure, which is why being aware of common credit card schemes, and how to avoid them, is necessary, because the more knowledge we have on the subject, the better our chances of securing ourselves, altogether.

Online payments and transactions.

While online banking has been nothing short of a boon, it has its own set of security concerns. The fact remains that online payments and transaction are conducted on a platform that is not exactly physical and absolutely abstract, which is why your private card and bank details can be accessed by any fraudster, who is skilled enough to obtain that information from you. This can be done via phishing or any other technique that will convince you that the entire process is legitimate, so you will not be able to tell that you have been duped till long after.

ATM as the source

Con artists and professional thieves have even corrupted the ATM, knowing fully well that it is one of the most commonly used techniques to withdraw large sums of money. ATMs across the country have recently fallen prey to these schemes. Usually, the theft is forced into taking place when the machine is made dysfunctional by a person. When another person tries to access the machine, it fails to work, but the details entered by that person are already processed by the machine. When the fraudster accesses the machine, immediately after the person leaves, the entire sum of money is withdrawn.

Even your phone is not safe

We are sorry to inform you that even your cell phone is not safe from hacking attack. People who are out to scam you will often go to the desperate level of get in touch with your network supervisor, pretending to be you. They will disable your present mobile network card and in the process of getting another one in your name, also get your sensitive details, which they will then enter into your bank site in order to generate a one-time password that will be delivered to the new card and will allow him or her to access your account.

Protect yourself

Here are some steps that you can easily follow in order to ensure that you are not being or do not strand the chance of being scammed.

  • Be discreet: Never ask for help from strangers. Keep your PIN to yourself and make sure that nobody is peeping to see what you are entering when you work on the ATM.
  • Anti-Virus: Make sure that a good anti-virus or firewall is installed on your device, from which you access your account.
  • Stay alerted: Subscribe to your bank for alerts on your cell phone, and regularly change your passwords for being doubly safe.

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