Credit Card Pin Satety Tips

Guidelines: Choosing a strong Personal Identification Number

One of the most integral steps in the process of modern banking is choosing an incredibly secure PIN for your Debit Card. This has become all the more significant in the past few years, due to the rapid increase in the number of card theft, unverified withdrawal of money, and other related crimes, which put your money at high risk.

Avoid the following:

  • Using your birthday or that of your relatives.
  • Using important dates like anniversaries whatsoever.
  • Choosing a PIN in which the numbers are arranged in an ascending or a descending order. For example, 12345 or 54321.
  • If you have more than one bank account, do not use the same PIN for all their cards.

Steps to follow

The thing about PINs is that they need to be tough to crack, but at the same time, should be one that is easy to recall. One method to do this is to come up with a formula. For example, if your PIN is 7142, think of it as, 7, then 7*2, then the last number, 4, divided by two.

Do not make your PIN public

The more people you entrust your PIN to, the higher your chances of losing your money becomes. Only disclose it to people, whom you implicitly trust, and only if the necessity arises. Do not keep the PIN written down somewhere in your purse or wallet, because if it does get stolen, your money will be gone very soon, as well.

Be careful while using your card

While using your card at the ATM, be careful that the keypad is sufficiently guarded and nobody is being able to see the PIN that you are entering. While making payments via your card, the person at the shop might sneakily note down your PIN or enter a larger sum of money. Be careful and cautiously monitor your entire transaction.

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