Credit Card Pin Satety Tips

Pin Satety Tips

The entire realm of banking is quite a sensitive one. It requires us to be cautious all the time, during every step of the entire ordeal. One little leak of information might just result in us becoming bankrupt. The PIN or Personal Identification Number that is associated with our bank cards, that we use to withdraw money is extremely important.

Take it to the grave.

A PIN is not something that should be toyed with. Remember, it is the only thing that is shielding your money from going into another person's pocket. While accessing your PIN, make sure that nobody is watching you and that you have not disclosed it to anybody. Also, while choosing the PIN, make sure that there is no pattern between the numbers.

Pay attention to your surroundings.

Whether it is at an ATM or online, make sure that your immediate surroundings do not seem shady. For instance, make sure that the ATM kiosk is empty and nobody is watching or following you. The machine should look absolutely ideal. If you think that it has been customised or that it is not acting in the usual manner, refrain from using it.


If you have already fallen victim, here are some things that you can do:

  • Contact the bank authorities and tell them what has occurred.
  • Freeze your account and block your credit/debit card.
  • Contact the appropriate branch of police and lodge a complaint with them.
  • Do not delay the measures that need to be taken. The deadline should be within 24 hours.

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